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Part-time Director of Finance

For businesses that require a high level financial professional

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Management Consulting

Business Plans, Mentorship, setting up accounting systems, preparing budgets, cashflow, assistance with loan applications, valuations and business advice
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Accounting Services

Bookkeeping, Management Accounts

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Payroll Services

Payroll administration

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Taxation Services

Various Tax Registrations, completing and filing of tax returns, Advice & Support
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Secretarial Services

Various Company Secretarial Services

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Best propositions for your business

Northbound finantial

Businesses which become bankrupt do so, not because the business is not profitable but instead because the business has run out of cash funds. We will work with you to identify the services you need. Then set up a schedule   to collect, record, and handle data efficiently and timeously and help you to achieve compliance and best–practise, whether you just want to whip your business into shape and realign your goals or need a permanent partner for ongoing tasks.

Most importantly, Northbound Financial strives to ensure that an organisation achieves the best return on its investment in people, systems and technological infrastructures and that management is provided with the tools to make sound business decisions.

Business owners should concentrate on what they do best; focusing on their core services for their clients and leave their non-core functions, such as accounting, to an accounting professional.

Our cost effective service will pay for itself in reduced headaches, time savings and penalties avoided. You may not realise how much a preoccupation with non-core tasks can suck the life blood from your business. It creeps up on you and you only notice the extent of the damage and the lethargy of the growth when the virus has taken hold. This holds true for all businesses, but especially small businesses.

Some Advantages of Outsourcing:

  • Employee turnover problems are avoided by outsourcing accounting services.
  • Cost Reduction, due to the need for fewer corporate employees.
  • Less office space.


At Northbound Financial, we tailor our services to meet our clients’ needs. Maybe you need an accounting professional to look over your books once a month or maybe you would prefer we take over all your accounting needs. We can perform our services Onsite or Off-site, you choose.